Will ,Dr. Jackson Han,the New Chief End Shaun’s Surgical Career?

This week on The Good Doctor, Daniel Dae Kim scrubs in as new chief of surgery Jackson Han, and immediately takes issue with Shaun. Meanwhile, Melendez operates on a wealthy CEO, while Glassman tries his best to keep to himself during chemo.

Han is a no-show for his own welcome brunch, hosted by Andrews and Allegra. Instead, he makes his debut in the OR, assisting Lim, Claire and Shaun on a procedure involving a newborn named Percy. She has multiple life-threatening birth defects affecting her heart and abdomen. Han insists on operating with music, which throws Shaun off his game. He then puts Claire on the spot and quizzes the residents, mid-procedure.

Percy is stable and moved to the prenatal unit. Shaun goes to check on her and is stopped by her parents, Diane (Teen Witch’s Robyn Lively) and Nigel (Hell on Wheels’ Peter Benson). Diane asks Shaun if taking antidepressants had anything to do with Percy’s defects, which he confirms, bluntly, without any regard for Diane’s feelings. Word gets back to Han, who reprimands Shaun in front of Lim and Claire. Afterwards, Lim steps out with Han and tells him that she’s not a fan of his shame-based learning tactics. Unfazed by her concern, Han insists that the real problem is how she’s willing to defend Dr. Murphy.

“No matter how hard [Shaun] works, no matter how hard you try and help him, his limitations aren’t going to change,” Han says. “He’s going to continue to inflict them on our patients, all in the name of diversity and inclusion.”

Afterwards, Lim advises Shaun to steer clear of Han unless he’s asked a direct question. Shaun is willing to comply, but Claire argues that it’s the wrong move, explaining to Lim that had Shaun backed down at the start of his residency, Melendez would still have him on suction duty.

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