Why Good Doctor is the new phenomenon series

With about 8 million viewers, the series played by Freddie Highmore beats audience records and arouses enthusiasm. The title of the Good Doctor phenomenon series is awesome! It determines of course its kind: a hospitable series, with what is needed drama, thorny cases, unexpected healings, rivalries, romances and emotions
With an average of 17 million viewers since its launch in October 2017 in the United States, the series has outpaced the blockbusters NCIS and The Big Bang Theory.

A positive hero

Goodness is a moral quality, which, according to the dictionary definition, ‘leads to doing good, to being good to others’. Shaun Murphy, played by the incredible Freddie Highmore, a child beaten by his father and separated from his little brother who died in an accident, suffers from autism spectrum disorder and the scientist’s syndrome. He is undoubtedly, from the point of view of kindness, the best televised hero of the series.There was no way I could create a second Gregory House,’ says David Shore, the creator of Good Doctor and the unforgettable Dr. House. First, because the time is not the same – viewers get tired of antiheroes and want positive programs. And then, because I longed to create an antidote for my antihero. Murphy is the exact opposite of House .

Shaun is unique

In fact, if they share the genius of diagnosis, Gregory House was as cynical and misanthropic as Shaun Murphy is simple and sincere.The first chanted that ‘everyone lies’ to survive. The second is unable to understand why people feed on lies.He asserts over the episodes his refusal of the false pretense, and, inevitable consequence, questions the other on his propensities. (Shaun is unique. He does not judge. He does not sit down. But he wants to understand. And for that it inevitably asks questions, explains the showrunner of the series.

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