Why Freddie Highmore stays away from joining social media? His answer – Read more

In today’s world, social media is used by celebrities as a platform to connect with fans. They put up images of their film shoots, first­look posters, and so much more. But the star Freddie Highmore prefers to stay away from the digital world. But, why? This is his answer in an interview with Scroll.in

 Scroll.in : What makes you stay away from joining social media?

Freddie Highmore : I guess I just was never on it. When I was young and professionally began acting, social media wasn’t around in a big way. I didn’t get into the habit. Now, things are different. Ultimately, it helps to keep a balance between life in the film and television industry and life outside that.

I appreciate the interaction I have with fans in person. They are genuine personal interactions. What was inspiring was personally getting to meet people on the autism spectrum or their family members after they reached out seeing me in this show.

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