why did Fiona Gubelmann hate the real wife of Torrance Coombs (The Originals)?

The boyfriend of Sara, a teacher, asks her for marriage then he reveals to her that he is the prince of a small country called Saint Ives, a very small monarchy in the British Isles.They need the blessing of their disapproving parents to get married.Her sister surprisingly supports the wedding, causing Sara to become a perfect princess.
Sara has to struggle to stay true to herself while adapting to this new fairy-tale lifestyle where love is ruled by rules.Fiona Gubelmann (Good Doctor) is the star of this TV movie, accompanied by Torrance Coombs (The Originals, Reign).

In the press, the main actress did not miss compliments for her friend,’He is really charming and beautiful.Torrance is one of the nicest people I have ever met.He is a love and we instantly became good friends. When working with someone you trust and feel comfortable with,you are much more likely to take risks, have fun and be playful.And yes, he is so handsome, so nice and silly, we had so much fun. ‘
She also added on the tone of irony,’Torrance and his wife are perfect.’ ‘It’s a little annoying,’ she joked.She arrived on the set after traveling for 18 hours without makeup and was so beautiful. I said, ‘Torrance, I really do not like it. Does it look like this after hours of traveling? The filming went off without a hitch despite the relatively low temperatures recorded by the cast in Ireland.

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