On The Good Doctor, who Plays Dr. Melendez

the Good Doctor is a standout amongst ABC’s best prime time dramatizations. Presently, the show is in its second season, and watchers are starting to find who will be who at the healing center. They’re learning characters’ actual identities, hard working attitude, and the sky is the limit from there. Be that as it may, there’s one specialist whose appearance has caught the hearts of a considerable lot of the show’s watchers: Dr. Neil Melendez.

The TV show Good Doctor follows the  life on an autistic doctor as he he endeavors to explore his personal life and work life

The introduce of The Good Doctor is this: San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital just hired Dr .Shaun Murphy , a specialist with savant syndrome and autism, and no one is persuaded of Murphy’s ability to work at such a set up restorative focus. The main individual who had confidence in Murphy from the begin was Dr. Aaron Glassman, the healing facility’s leader amid the main season, who pushed to employ Murphy by putting his very own activity hanging in the balance. Glassman said if Murphy committed one error, he’d leave as president. At the finish of the main season, Murphy about cost a patient’s life, and Glassman surrendered from his position. Be that as it may, Murphy kept his activity. However, Murphy has savant syndrome, which makes it troublesome for him to appropriately speak with specialists. What’s more, one specialist who didn’t know about him at first? Dr. Melendez.

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