Where does the show take place and where the Good Doctor is filmed ?

  The Good Doctor rapidly rose to end up a standout amongst ABC’s best dramatizations. Be that as it may, as watchers turn out to be increasingly charmed in the life of Dr. Shaun Murphy , questions might be raised about the prduction of the showw .Is San Jose St. Bonaventure a genuine clinic? If not, where is the show took place?

The Good Doctor’ pursues Dr. Shaun Murphy’s own life and work life

The principle character of the show is Dr. Shaun Murphy, a recently enlisted specialist with autism. Murphy was contracted in line with Dr. Aaron Glassman, who filled in as the clinic’s leader amid the primary season. Notwithstanding being on the savant syndrome range, Murphy additionally has intellectual abilities. This implies he has a dimension of splendor that nearly no one else has. It empowers him to make determinations about restorative issues and strategies that different specialists in his group could never consider. The show pursues Murphy as he explores both work and an individual life while living with savant syndrome.

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