Where is ‘The Good Doctor’ Filmed and Where Does the Show Take Place? – Read more

  The Good Doctor quickly rose to become one of ABC’s most successful dramas. But as viewers become more engrossed in the life of Dr. Shaun Murphy , questions may be raised about the show’s production. Is San Jose St. Bonaventure a real hospital? If not, where is the show filmed?

‘The Good Doctor’ follows Dr. Shaun Murphy’s personal life and work life

The main character of the show is Dr. Shaun Murphy, a newly-hired doctor with autism and savant syndrome. Murphy was hired at the request of Dr. Aaron Glassman, who served as the hospital’s president during the first season. In addition to being on the autism spectrum, Murphy also has savant skills. This means he has a level of brilliance that almost nobody else possesses. It enables him to draw conclusions about medical problems and procedures that other doctors on his team would never think of. The show follows Murphy as he navigates both work and a personal life while living with autism.( Continue reading >>>> )

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