what freedie highmore said about working with Johnny Depp,Robin Williams and others – Read Details

in an interview with Scroll.in, Freddie Highmore was asked about working with Johnny Depp  and Robin Williams  .

Scroll.in :You played a young musical genius in ‘August Rush’ (2007). Did that role influence Shaun Murphy in any way? 

Freddie Highmore : It’s funny you mention it, because it never crossed my mind. I never thought about it before. In my head, they seemed different. About that film, it was great to shoot in New York and work with the great Robin Williams. I wish I continued to play music after I learned to do so for that film.

Scroll.in :Your two key films early on as a child were with Johnny Depp – ‘Finding Neverland’ (2004) and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (2005). How was that experience?

Freddie Highmore : My memories of coming to the film industry and working are tied up with him in a way. He was very lovely and very generous. I feel lucky to have worked with him, as I did with Helena Bonham Carter [his co-star thrice]. She is a great friend now. I worked with Vera Farmiga [Bates Motel co-star] for so long. She has been a great mentor to me.

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