The power of ‘The Good Doctor’

Written By Melissa Reiner :

(Editor’s note: Melissa Reiner, M.Ed is the autism consultant and adviser for the ABC television show, “The Good Doctor.” She is considered one of the top autism and behavioral consultants by leading pediatric neurologists and developmental pediatricians in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Melissa works with the families of some of Hollywood’s top actors, directors, producers and executives. As a certified RDI consultant with a master’s degree in special education, she founded Bridging Pathways–Autism and Behavioral Consulting in Los Angeles to equip and empower families and individuals with the tools and techniques they need to overcome social, emotional and behavioral challenges. Reiner also consults with schools and businesses, promoting a “shift in communication style” to improve behavior and enjoy more connected relationships.)

Human nature dictates that we often evade that which is different from what we know. But if we know how little we actually know, it might help us to check ourselves, so that when that experience emerges, we have enough perspective to forge ahead and risk discovery of other. “The Good Doctor” helps to pave the way for that dialogue to begin.

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