The Good Doctor’s Antonia Thomas Reacts to Claire’s ‘Traumatizing’ Tragedy

While The Good Doctor is one of the best feel-good shows on television, Monday’s episode delivered a huge gut punch for St. Bonnaventure’s shining resident, Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas). After completing her first solo surgery — and being the first resident to get one — Claire received a phone call that will change the rest of her life. She arrived on the scene of a car accident to find that her mother, Breeze (Sharon Leal), had died after drinking Claire’s celebratory bottle of champagne.

Claire and her mom haven’t had the easiest of relationships; Breeze was an addict and bipolar, and she had a tendency to go off her meds. At the start of Season 3, Claire agreed to give her mother another chance after a lifetime of being let down. She cleared out all of her liquor, but had saved that one bottle for after her surgery.

This sudden tragedy comes as Claire’s career is on the upswing, and it will be a devastating trial for her moving forward. TV Guide spoke with Antonia Thomas about the heartbreaking twist and where Claire goes from here.

Claire is clearly in shock after seeing her mom dead in the car. What can you say about her reaction once she’s had a second to process what’s happened?( Continue reading >>>> )

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One thought on “The Good Doctor’s Antonia Thomas Reacts to Claire’s ‘Traumatizing’ Tragedy

  1. I think and actually appreciate the realization this episode as well as many often do take unlike many of TV’s over dramatic medical “soap opera” dramas. From letting the reality that not all of kids of mentally ill, drug or alcohol addicts turn into their parents or worse, to even foster parents are not all super saints, to even where some said the fish story was far fetched but have seen and heard these from real doctors and nurses. The only part though often true was Dr. L’s lecture to Claire which basically also said the real reason why she chose her. Not so much ability but being a women and different race. Though it may be an unspoken reason, that would be more of the possible distraction than what others assumed. I also loved Carly standing up to Claire in regards to her and Shaun’s relationship.

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