The Good Doctor : What Do We Expect From The Next Season?

For Shaun, I’d submit we may begin to move on from the challenge of him being in a relationship or being a doctor, in terms of working with patients. His challenge for season 4 might be having to learn to work with nurses and, since he is coming upon his final years as a resident, learning how to deal with workplace politics. Thus far, Shaun has gotten by on his medical knowledge and, one could say, that compensated for what can sometimes be seen as a nasty attitude. If not one so honed in on an idea or fault, it rubbed others the wrong way.

As for everyone else? We strongly hope to see Dr. Lim take on a mentorship role and absorb the time Dr. Melendez formerly took up. Especially with Claire since they both lost someone they were close to and loved deeply.  ( click next to continue reading ) 

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