The Good Doctor was named the Most Watched Drama in the World – Read Details

The Good Doctor is a good show; chances are you probably watch it. In 2018, 47.7 million people watched the ABC drama.  In the U.S. alone, season two averaged 6.2 million viewers per episode.

The hospital drama is also a huge hit in the U.K., Australia, Japan, Brazil and countries across Europe, so much so that the series was named the Most Watched Drama in the World by the Monte Carlo TV Festival, knocking out another hospital heavyweight, Grey’s Anatomy. His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, honourary president of the festival, handed out the Golden Nymph statue to two of the series’ stars, Nick Gonzalez and Christina Chang.

Shawn Williamson wasn’t able to accept the trophy in person because the award was presented on the first day of shooting for season three. But “It’s actually in my office at the moment, it’s here 15 feet from me,” he says, before adding “I guess it’ll have to go to Sony eventually.”

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One thought on “The Good Doctor was named the Most Watched Drama in the World – Read Details

  1. I want Shaun to stay the way he was when he’d step away and imagine what could be done to help the patient (when a drawing would appear on screen and show how his brain would be showing us what he would be thinking. I Want it all to go back showing us by a drawing for your audience. I really miss that. Forget about him having any romance yet. We the people love how the show started. I think you may lose some of your audience.
    Sorry if there are typos. I couldn’t go back and proof it.

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