The Good Doctor season 4: Could Dr Melendez still be alive? Fans predict huge twist

THE GOOD DOCTOR season 4 has been commissioned by ABC. But, could Dr Melendez still be alive?

The Good Doctor fans were left devastated by the death of Dr Neil Melendez (played by Nicholas Gonzalez) at the end of season three of the show. However, some viewers were left confused by the brutal death and left wondering whether there could be a twist in season four.

Could Dr Melendez still be alive in a huge twist?

The season three finale of The Good Doctor saw things take a tragic turn for the beloved Dr Melendez.

After the earthquake hit San Jose, a lot of the characters were left in serious danger.

However, it was Melendez who succumbed to his internal injuries and ended up in a serious condition.

Suffering from an ischemic bowel, he got worse quickly and his final episode featured some tragic goodbyes with his fellow characters.

One of his more heartbreaking final scenes was between him and Dr Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) as they admitted their love for each other.

By the end of the episode, it was heavily implied how Melendez had not recovered and had died.

But, as fans of the show have pointed out, his actual death was never shown in the finale, just his goodbyes.

As a result, user MakeLimeade took to Reddit to speculate on a potential cure which could see him return if he is still alive.

They theorised: “Basically Vitamin C will treat sepsis and save him. Bonus – the showrunners will help make a new treatment protocol become mainstream and save lives.” ( click next to continue reading )

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2 thoughts on “The Good Doctor season 4: Could Dr Melendez still be alive? Fans predict huge twist

  1. oh no I see Shaun come running in and save his life and I see a wedding around the corner and I think they should bring in another young woman doctor with the same thing Shaun has and make he a little on the crazy side and fall for one of the doctors and make his life hell,,,,, that would be good to watch and see how they send her off to never never land ….lol just saying

  2. Shore would be a fool to kill off Melendez and the cash cow that is Melendaire. Baiting fans was evil and sadistic. Season 4 wi be his last if he does not bring back Melendez.

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