‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Episode 5: Is Dr. Shaun Murphy’s new romance angle a way to ‘normalize’ a character with autism – Read more

From being way too blunt to learning to enjoy someone’s company, Shaun Murphy has come a long way in the three seasons of ‘The Good Doctor’. But is the show now using a mainstream way to make him “more likable”?

One of the best things so far about ‘The Good Doctor’ has been the fact that the show addresses conditions like autism and takes us through what could possibly be the life of a Savant.

Although dramatic, which we can peg to creative liberty, Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy is as good as any real autistic person can be. He is indifferent to social norms, exceptionally talented and yet unaware of his or others’ emotional intelligence.

And that precisely, makes him lovable. However, in recent episodes, as his character continued to evolve, we started seeing changes in him. Changes that could essentially mean that he is being made to (or rather we are trying to see him as a regular guy) do things that a normal person would do.

Not that we don’t want him to love or be loved. Affection is indeed a great way to help them through their course of life. But that’s where the catch is.

Maybe they don’t need to live the way as “normal people” define life to be. Maybe because they are exceptionally sharp and can demonstrate certain abilities far better than the average person, that they can manage their minds accordingly.

Shaun could be intelligent, young, and strangely pleasant in his unique way, but for all practical purposes, he is different. Even when he is trying to explore “romance” he is struggling.

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