The Good Doctor deleted scenes: Why were scenes between Claire and Melendez cut?

THE GOOD DOCTOR season 3 ended with Claire and Melendez admitting their feelings for each other. But why were some scenes from the series cut?

The Good Doctor fans were understandably devastated when Dr Neil Melendez (played by Nicholas Gonzalez) was killed off in the season finale of series three. This was especially the case after he and Dr Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) finally admitted their love for each other. But were some of the scenes between them cut?

Why were scenes between Claire and Melendez cut?

The final episode of The Good Doctor season three saw one of the major characters killed in the aftermath of an earthquake.

Dr Melendez suffered internal bleeding after he was hit by falling rubble in the penultimate episode.

Then he suffered from sepsis and was not able to recover in the finale, much to the disappointment of fans.

As well as this, it meant he had some emotional goodbyes with his fellow characters.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking was the one between Claire and Melendez after the pair had been growing closer over the season.

In their final goodbye, the pair admitted they were in love with each other after months of avoiding the subject.

Some fans were shocked by the revelation as many thought their romance was one-sided on Claire’s part.

However, following his exit Melendez star Nicholas Gonzalez spoke to TV Line about the storyline, revealing some moments were cut, which might have offered more context.

He told the publication: “There were also so many little [deleted] scenes.

“The storylines are all there, but the little scenes that we’re missing really changed the dynamic.

“There were a lot of scenes with Antonia Thomas [who plays Claire], [and] there were probably an equal number of scenes with Christina Chang [who plays Lim] — these different kinds of moments [that went beyond] watching people fall in love…

“Those were on the cutting room floor because we don’t have the time for those.”

Therefore it seems like there were some moments between Claire and Melendez which did show the characters beginning to fall in love. ( click next to continue reading ) 

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