The Good Doctor: an extraordinary doctor

Of all the hospital series, The Good Doctor is the one that has had the most phenomenal success since its launch in September 2017 on ABC. This, even though, of all the characters of doctors, the one incarnated by Freddy Highmore is that which one expected the least.

Urgences (1994-2009), Dr. House (2004-2012), Gray’s Anatomy (since 2005) … Three hospital series, three characters of iconic doctors, three world successes.Could we imagine they will do better? Who can forget Doug Ross (George Clooney), Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)? There was never any question of trying to do better,’ says David Shore, Good Doctor’s creator and showrunner,the series that managed to beat The Big Bang Theory and NCIS in a few episodes. ‘There is no question of me doing anything different,’ he says. The man knows what he’s talking about. It is to him that we owe Dr. House.The very structure of a hospital series is necessarily always the same – a hospital, a team of doctors, patients, personal stories . I had precisely the idea of ​​creating a main character neither charismatic, neither genial-but-unbearable, nor head of service, nor irresistibly beautiful.The one starring Shaun Murphy comes from a South Korean format that my co-creator bought the rights,he says.

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