Richard Schiff (Good Doctor): his moving confidences about his autistic son – Read More

Good Doctor has established itself as the TV series-event, with up to  millions of viewers (including replay). But the story of Shaun Murphy, autistic surgeon played by Freddie Highmore, also touches, in a much more personal way, one of the other actors of the series, Richard Schiff. Explanations.

The name of Richard Schiff may be unknown to you, but not his face. This sexagenarian balding and bearded has already illustrated in many US series : we had seen him in Ally McBeal before he became famous in the White House from 1999 to 2006.Series for which he won an Emmy and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.He then appeared in NCIS then Bones. Since the beginning, the public finds him every Tuesday in Good Doctor, with Freedie Highmore, in the skin of Dr. Aaron Glassman. ( Click to continue reading)

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