Knowing the Stars of ‘ Good Doctor ‘!

They look after your parties every Thursday on RTBF, but who are they really? Discover the portrait of the figures of ‘ Good Doctor ‘ as well as of their interpreters …

Every week , your new medical series arranges to meet you with new patients and of new exciting cases on The One. But what does not change, it is all team of the hospital of San José which evolves around the doctor Shaun Murphy, interpreted by Freddie Highmore whom they do not introduce any more! And if they made more ample acquaintances with the rest of the casting?

Antonia Thomas aka Dr Claire Brown

His feelings have only his talent of equal! Its special emotional intelligence and its acuteness make of Clear one of the best elements of the team of the Dr Melendez. Indisputable trumps also when it is a question of communicating with Shaun Murphy, a precious ally of which she is.
Behind the nice Clear the English actress Antonia Thomas hides. You have already could see it in series ‘ Misfits ‘ or ‘ Lovesick ‘.

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