Good Doctor 3 : Will we see Shaun find the real love? – Read Details

We have to give praise to The Good Doctor for showing how those with autism can still lead normal lives, including having romances. The romance side is just one of the many angles TGD continues to hint at about autistic Dr. Shaun Murphy. However, any prospect of a romance came as a bit of a surprise this season.

Many fans didn’t think Shaun would ever get involved with anyone due to once being mocked by a girl when younger. Let’s remember he isn’t officially having a romance with anyone as of yet. The chances for dating also go beyond one woman.

However, some fans think Shaun and Claire Browne might become serious romantically by next season for a number of reasons.

The three important women in Shaun’s life

Last season, media analysts were looking at Shaun’s neighbor and roommate Lea as a possible romantic connection. There were hints to this last year, based squarely on how Lea seemed to understand Shaun better than anybody. Not that they’re necessarily any closer as Shaun is to other women in his life.

If you can place Lea on the list of important women, you can probably put Claire at No. 1. Played by Antonia Thomas, her performance is a standout due to Claire having more maturity than most on how to communicate well with Shaun. They continue to relate to one another thanks to Claire having the patience to deal with how Shaun thinks.

This isn’t to say the stars have aligned to have them become an official couple. Before such a thing happens, Shaun may have a romance going with Dr. Carley Lever.

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