Does Freddie Highmore the Actor of ‘The Good Doctor’ Have Autism?

The tv programs Good Doctor was one of the most watched series for the season (2017-2018 ) .It talks about the life of a young surgeon -Shaun Murphy -(played by Freddie Highmore),who has savant syndrome autism. Murphy was employed by the hospital against the will of most doctors, except one doctor, Dr. Aaron Glassman who took a chance on him.So does the actor live with autism in real life?

Autism and savant syndrome often go hand-in-hand

The Good Doctor was a standout among the most-watched appears for the 2017-2018 season. It pursues the life of Shaun Murphy (played by Freddie Highmore), a youthful specialist who lives with autism and savant syndrome. Murphy was contracted  by the hospital against the desires of most specialists, however one specialist, Dr. Aaron Glassman, took a risk on him. Murphy utilizes his formative handicaps to help treat patients — however does the Doctor live with autism,in actuality?


Autism and savant syndrome regularly go together

Savant syndrome is an uncommon formative issue that makes someone uncharacteristically gifted or talented in some way. It empowers an individual to have a mind boggling memory and turn out to be amazingly great at either an explicit expertise, for example, craftsmanship, or the capacity to tackle issues by making arrangements that no one else could ever think of. On the show, Highmore utilizes his capacities to make sense of what’s going on with patients; he frequently makes determinations dependent on a “trigger, for example, something another person says that at that point enables him to draw an obvious conclusion in manners no one else can.

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