10 wishes we would love to happen in THE GOOD DOCTOR Season 3 – Read details

There are the 10 wishes we’d love to happen in GOOD DOCTOR Season 3 :

1. Shaun to prove that Andrews made the right decision. Time and time again, Shaun’s condition has prevented him from being able to react or interact in an appropriate way. Andrews has taken a big risk keeping Shaun on the team so I want to see what affect that has on their relationship, and how Shaun will adjust to be back on the surgery team.

2. Claire to shine for her work. She made some great strides this season in terms of being more assertive and ensuring her voice was heard. Next to Morgan (Fiona Gubelmann), Claire has sometimes seemed two steps behind and a little meek. I feel she found her voice in season 2 and she’s made some excellent medical calls for her patients.

3. Glassman (Richard Schiff) to be more integrated in season 3. I understand why he was separate from much of the cast in season 2 but at times it made the show feel a little fractured. I’d like him to be much more involved in Shaun’s day-to-day life, especially now he’s back on the board. Also his impending wedding should be a good excuse to pull everyone back together.

4. Park (Will Yun Lee) to get some proper character development. Is it just me or is Park still the most under-developed character on the show? I appreciate that they brought his wife and son into the fold during season 2 but the character still feels like too much of an enigma. I want to know his back story and see him really making an effort with his colleagues.

5. The continued humanisation of Morgan. One of the things I really liked during season 2 is that Morgan really started to reveal some layers. She has established a frenemy relationship with Claire and she’s made more of an effort to be a team player. I want to see Morgan continue to evolve in season 3 as she lets her guard down even more.

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